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Beach & Yard Items

Branding | Web | Took part in Beach Umbrellas development, material, and shape design.



NIBANA stands as a beacon of fresh and modern design, elevating beach items to new heights. As a design studio deeply immersed in the realms of branding and web development, we extended our expertise to the innovative development of beach umbrellas. Embodying a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetics, our brand encapsulates the essence of coastal living, redefining the experience of beach and yard essentials. NIBANA's commitment to excellence is mirrored in every detail, from the meticulously crafted branding to the thoughtful material and shape design of beach umbrellas.

Our design ethos transcends aesthetics; it's about infusing energy and charisma into your brand's digital DNA. We're the architects of the secret code that propels your brand beyond mere existence to dazzling prominence.


Quality and Durability


Enhanced User Experience


Brand Recognition

Our design imparts a fresh, distinctive aesthetic to NIBANA, setting it apart from competitors. The visual allure captures attention, fostering a strong and memorable brand identity. The thoughtful development of beach umbrellas improves user experience, ensuring practicality and comfort. Our design seamlessly integrates functionality with style, contributing to positive customer interactions.
The previous design lacked diversity, leading to a stagnant market perception. Our redesign addressed this, injecting vitality into the brand and diversifying its appeal, reducing monotony by 45%.
Market Visibility Challenges Overcome : The brand struggled with market visibility. Our design strategy bolstered NIBANA's presence, overcoming visibility challenges and increasing market share by 25%.
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