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Apparel for bold personality

Logotype | Branding | Social Media



For this local brand of streetwear, we developed an Instagram account strategy that focused on showcasing the brand's unique style and aesthetic. We curated a mix of original content and user-generated content that highlighted the brand's products in creative and engaging ways, while also building a community around the brand.

Developed a unique Instagram strategy for Noire Crime, focusing on showcasing the brand's distinctive style and aesthetic. This strategy likely involved carefully planned posts, content curation, and community building to create an engaging online presence for the brand.

Our design work isn't just about making things look good; it's about infusing energy and charisma into a brand's identity. It's the secret sauce that makes a brand not just exist but shine.

- 20%

Marketing Waste


Customer Engagement


Higher Perceived Value

The choice of black and red as the brand's colors is a bold and distinctive decision that sets Noire Crime apart from competitors. This color scheme aligns with the brand's name and is likely intended to convey a sense of edginess and style.

The logo design, described as a modern cross, reflects the brand's identity. It's an emblem that likely conveys a sense of uniqueness and style while retaining a modern look. This logo design complements the overall branding strategy for Noire Crime.
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