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Food Discover Web Platform

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ORIGINARIO is a web platform that gives “foodies and wine & beer lovers” from around the world a chance to discover the places, the people and the stories behind the best Italian food products. And to receive them at home in a “tasting box” every month - a new and different tasting sensation to sample with friends. "Discovered" and "undiscovered" flavors, stories, and the people behind “treasures”. Exploring the Italian food and tastes In a clear and clever way.

Our design agency, with a keen focus on brand aesthetics, has sculpted Originario into a visual masterpiece.


Reduced Bounce Rate


Storytelling through Design


Improved Conversion Rates

Originario, a captivating web platform, opens a delectable journey for global food enthusiasts and connoisseurs of wine and beer. It serves as a gateway to unravel the essence of the finest Italian culinary delights, showcasing the places, people, and narratives that compose these gastronomic treasures. Originario curates a monthly "tasting box" that brings an ever-changing spectrum of discovered and undiscovered flavors, allowing patrons to embark on a delightful tasting experience with friends. The platform stands out by seamlessly weaving together the rich tapestry of Italian food culture in a clear and clever manner, offering an immersive exploration that transcends the boundaries of conventional taste adventures.

The thoughtful integration of design elements has not only made Originario aesthetically appealing but has also positioned it as a standout player in the competitive online culinary space. The brand's visual appeal and functionality work harmoniously, allowing Originario to distinguish itself, attract a wider audience, and establish a lasting imprint in the hearts and minds of food and beverage enthusiasts.
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