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Defense Systems

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Aeronautics Defense Systems, under our meticulous rebranding and design expertise, emerges as a cutting-edge force in the aerospace industry. Established in 1997, this Israeli company specializes in crafting state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for military applications, solidifying its global presence with sales to over 20 defense, military, and homeland security clients across 15 countries. Our comprehensive approach to the rebranding encompassed logotype refinement, strategic branding, impactful events and exhibitions, cohesive collaterals, and a dynamic website—culminating in a visual identity that mirrors the company's commitment to innovation and precision.

Our design work isn't just about making things look good; it's about infusing energy and charisma into a brand's identity. It's the secret sauce that makes a brand not just exist but shine.


Brand Recognition


Revamped Website Led


EXPOs Heightened Attention

Design and consulting collaboration injected vitality into Aeronautics Defense Systems. By focusing on cohesive branding, we positioned the company as a symbol of innovation and reliability. The streamlined visuals and strategic approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also contributed to a 35% improvement in overall brand perception. The new design resonated with the target audience, differentiating Aeronautics Defense Systems from competitors and establishing a contemporary brand image.

Aeronautics Defense Systems, post our transformative design intervention, stands as a beacon of technological prowess and modernity in the aerospace sector. The refined logotype and branding elements seamlessly convey the company's commitment to precision and excellence. Events and exhibitions, meticulously curated by our team, serve as dynamic platforms, propelling the brand to the forefront. The redesigned website, with its intuitive interface, engages users and communicates the brand narrative effectively.

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